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That’s the million dollar question here. The question whose answer you and me, reader, are about to start to know. It’s “a riddle, wrapped in a mistery, inside an enigma”.

A question that will lead to many other questions, being the most important one: why is it even worth to try to know those answers? Why does Haede matters so much? So much that she is the very reason why I wrote these lines in the first place. And why I started writing at all.

What do we know about her? Nothing at all. Not even what she does, or where she comes from, or what she intends to do. We just see her at a workshop at a little corner of the universe, alone with her tools and surrounded by strange devices and hardware. How does someone get to a place like this? Why does someone choose this kind of life? What took her to it? Has it always been like this?

We take a closer look. Now we can’t look under the welding helmet so we can’t even know how she’s feeling. Happy? Sad? Tired? Excited? Anxious? Bored? Who knows? Who knows… but herself?

We are passive, mute spectators of her life. We can’t just speculate and wonder. And judge according to what we see. To what she lets us see.

Dear reader, this is the starting point of what can be an amazing adventure. For us, who can have the privilege to know someone whose existence we wouldn’t otherwise have noticed. But it’s surely not the starting point of anything for her. Not even from her current task.

We will have to move both forwards and backwards, to comprehend and embrace such a life like hers. Shall we?

Born in Argentina, living in Chile. Working class. Politics and religion, writing and music #TrojanRecords