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Her horse was galloping fast through the dirt path at the side of the field. On one side a plantation of spinach, and at the other side a row of bushes following the path. Over there at the left, a fence where the field ended. The grass was high below…

Eran días ciertamente más calurosos de lo normal y se notaba en la vestimenta de los habitantes de Roanoke. Los hombres dejaban de lado las levitas y las mujeres los chales y se dejaban ver más cuellos y hombros (más no escotes pues la moral pública no permitía tanto). Los…

As a reward for her service to the people and Government who had before reluctantly tolerated her within their territory, Haede was granted a scholarship in the Curator research group, a position that was reservated only for the privileged minds and strong and determined wills who could pave their way…

So how did you get here?

I got stranded, kind of…stranded. It might be said I picked the wrong bus and now I am…just am, here. So, so far from home. -As she was talking her eyes lifted in search of the obscure sky above her, as could be seen through the cellar window.

But, do you wanna come back?-she said with a bit of a sad tone, as she feared to be abandoned, left behind.

I, don’t… really know. It’s, I mean, it’s really quite far… Not only in physical distance. It’s in my past. And my present is here. And my future, well, I won’t even think about it.

So will you stay here?-she asked now with a merry voice.

Do I have another choice? I’ve got work to finish here,right? These things don’t weld themselves.

Oh when you’re cold

I’ll be there

To hold you tight to me

El zumbido del taladro acompañaba la melodía, y la potencia de su voz era mayor que la de su herramienta.

Oh (oh oh!) When you’re alone

Los tornillos caían uno a uno al suelo y la plancha…

That’s the million dollar question here. The question whose answer you and me, reader, are about to start to know. It’s “a riddle, wrapped in a mistery, inside an enigma”.

A question that will lead to many other questions, being the most important one: why is it even worth to…

Segun el cálculo hecho por Haede gracias al rotómetro de su invención, el día solar anterior había durado aproximadamente diecinueve horas terrestres. Este nuevo día llevaba alrededor de seis horas cuando Haede subió al tejado de su casa para orientar el detector de pulso solar.

En Roanoke se diría tautológicamente…

The Curator station was in orbit about a thousand miles over the surface of the Backup planet. This one was the sixth world counting from the Aeea star and the only uninhabited one. Despite its dimensions and aparent fit condition for life it was left in its original state because…

El extraño regresó un par de días después, justo cuando Haede comenzaba a dejar atrás su ansiedad del principio e intentar convencerse de que todo aquel asunto había sido una banalidad, una de esas cosas de una vez en la vida y que tenía que tomarla como tal y abandonar…

Max Gill

Born in Argentina, living in Chile. Working class. Politics and religion, writing and music #TrojanRecords

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